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In 2008 Castila celebrated its 20th birthday

From here we invited all students and teachers, anyone who had been a part of Castila over these 7305 days, to join in and take part in our celebrations.

In 2010 we continue celebrating, 22th birthday?

Watch this page for special events. Send us your own ideas and feelings. We live in a digital world now, so send us your photos, movies and those unforgettable stories. Reliving those memories might be just as much fun as making them.


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2010 Events

  San Antonio's party in June

We invite students, teachers, friends, to celebrate with us San Antonio Party, the annual Great Celebration of Castila.

¿When? San Antonio's day, Friday 11th of June, starting  at 9:30 p.m.

¿Where? At the Carmen de los Gatos

¿How? With sangría, beer,  tapas and with the passionate flamenco's voice of...

  7th Spanish Song Festival, July 19 - 25, 2010

In the Festival de Interpretación de la Canción Española (7th year), we will celebrate our 22th anniversary with some concerts in several special places in Granada, one of them in the Carmen de los Gatos.

Monday 19th July , 2010: 21:30, Auditorio de la Caja Rural. Avda. Don Bosco, 2

Opening concert:

Spanish Invasion


Yuri Vodovoz, Violin

Juan Enrique Sainz, Violincello

Jorge Robaina, Piano

Eric Callison Piano

Arden Hopkin, Tenor

Nan Maro Babakhanian, Mezzo Soprano

Jorge Robaina, “Music of the Spanish Republic”, I Concert  20th Aniversary of Castila. La Chumbera.

Tuesday, 20th July, 2010: 21:30,Castila - Carmen de los Gatos (Aljibe del Gato, 1)

Noche de Guitarras

Juan Miguel Giménez Miranda y Pablo Giménez Hecht, guitar


II Concert 20th anniversary of Castila, Australian Guitar Duo. Carmen de los Gatos.


  2008: 20th Birthday Events





San Antonio´s party

Friday, June 13th


20 years in pictures and stories

Friday, September 5th


20 years of Castila in wall posters

Friday, September 5th


Music Festival and concert

Saturday, July 19th


Music Festival and concert

Tuesday, July 22nd


20th birthday´s dinner

September 2008


20th birthday´s Party

September 2008


    20 years in a book of pictures and stories

We are creating a picturebook about our 20 years. We want to show and tell through pictures our history.

Find your photos and tell us about them and you time with Castila, so we can build a mosaic of shared moments...

    20 years in posters

From the collected photos we will select five to represent, on five different posters, the 20 year-history of Castila.

    Music Festival

In the Festival de Interpretación de la Canción Española (5th year), we will celebrate our 20th anniversary with 2 concerts.

Saturday 19th July , 2008: 21:30, Auditorio La Chumbera.

Concierto "Música de la República Española". Jorge Robaina, Piano


Tuesday, 22th July, 2008: 20:00,Castila - Carmen de los Gatos (Aljibe del Gato, 1).

Australian Guitar Duo.

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