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Castila's Spanish language teachers


Spanish Teachers in Castila, Granada, Spain

Castila is a group of enthusiastic teachers who have been teaching Spanish, promoting cultural and linguistic interchange and introducing Spain to thousands of people for twenty years. Castila wants to show you a language which, though full of contrasts, has brought millions of people together worldwide through centuries of history and continues to do so.

All of our teachers are fully qualified, having completed specialised university training. In addition, they have considerable teaching experience and are familiar with the specific learning problems encountered by foreigners learning Spanish.

Our teachers offer dynamic teaching methods in the classroom, based on a scientific knowledge of the structure of the language and its forms of expression. Their experience, dedication and enthusiasm extend beyond the classroom and a friendly atmosphere ensures that everyone feels welcome.


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How can I become a Spanish language teacher in Castila?


In the selection of teachers in Castila, our basic requirements include:

  • University degree. Minimum of 5 years at University.

  • Teaching Certificate (C.A.P.): 1 semester after university degree.

  • Castila training seminar, with both academic and practical aspects where the style, teaching method and general working of Castila are taught.

  • Candidate personalities and attitudes are also very important.

  • In order to improve teaching and professional skills, all the teachers and staff of Castila complete personal Training Programs with financial support of the Centre.

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Spanish Teachers

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