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601 - PROGRAM FOR SCHOOL GROUPS -All year round-

Course 601 - Group Registration


"An unforgettable experience and a positive, very positive, influence on their future"

Total immersion in Spanish:

classes, food, play, fun, dance, beach, sports, science, talking, dreaming...

in Spanish!


For groups organised by teachers in their home country. This is an open programme which means that it reflects the current interests of the teachers in the field of academic programme planning as well as in the selection of activities. 

The teacher can choose between a wide range of subjects such as History, Geography, Social Studies, Business, etc.

For example, some of the subjects chosen by teachers are: Muslim Spain and Granada, Flamenco, Gypsy Culture, Spain and the EU, Commercial relations between Spain and Latin America, Semana Santa (Easter) in Spain...

Duration: 1 to 4 weeks.

Participants: Standard program, from 11 students. Please, ask for conditions for groups of less than 11 students.

Age and level requirements: similar for the participants in the group.



To improve students’ Spanish communication skills by combining classroom activities with extracurricular activities appropriate to their age.



Learning is a game


Description of the program

A complete, well-rounded program that includes coursework, activities and lodging. Students will be part of an international group of young people, including spaniards, whose common language is Spanish which is tested in different situations:

- With their Spanish host families:Interacting with parents, children and room-mates.


- In the classroom: with experienced teachers who specialize in teaching teenagers and studying material appropiate to their age and level.


- Outside the classroom: participation in carefully planned activities organized according to the students' interest and their communication goals,  well-supervised by their teachers, eg.:


* Sports and other leisure activities.

* Visits to must see sights (the Alhambra and other monuments and places of socio-cultural interest)

* Granada’s richly varied natural setting: mountains, beach, countryside.

* Group soccer games for boys, girls and teachers; salsa classes; the opportunity to meet young people of a similar age; making paella in the school courtyard...



Every body wants to be together with Einstein

discove a world in Spanish

Learning about Grenadian Ceramic


Program Summary

A) · 1 week  to 4 weeks

B) · Course: 20 classes / week; this includs teaching material and programme coordinated with home teacher.

C) ·  Accommodation

-    With families, double room, full or half board. Single room available.

-    In shared flats, double or single room

D) · Return airport transfer Málaga (AGP) or Granada (GRX)

E) · 2 activities in the afternoon or evening

F) ·  Visit to the Alhambra Palace or the city

G) · 1 half day or 1 full (+30€ pax) day excursion (Sierra Mountains/beach)

H) · Complementary free places: 1 teacher for every 8 students

 I) · Presence of one Spanish teacher at all activities.

Details of the offer:

E) Two activities are chosen from:

Albaicin tour, movie, thematic evening, musical evening (listening to and studying spanish pop and folk music), poetry, the world famous tapas-tour, football, volleyball....

F) 1 activity to be chosen from:

 I.  Visit to the Alhambra (tickets and guide)

 II. Visit to the Cathedral (id.)

 III. Visit to the Royal Chapel (id.)      

 IV. Paella in the school

 V. Flamenco Fiesta


G) 1 half day excursion to be chosen from:

 I  Sierra Nevada Natural Park: "El Charcón"

 II Sierra Huétor Natural Park

 or 1 day excursion  (+ 30 € pax) to:

 I   Córdoba

 II  Sevilla

 III Ubeda and Baeza (Roman/Gothic/Renaissance)

 IV Ronda

 V Costa Tropical

 VI Las Alpujarras


Program Guarantees

Practice and increased competence in the students’ communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Certificate of level and qualification (necessary for credit transfer)

Certificate of attendance upon successful completion of the course.

Teacher-tutor available 24 hours a day

Selection of host familly matched to the student’s profile.

Facilities appropriate to the students’ age.


Specific Conditions
  Group Registration. For individual registrations, please click here.

For a 2 week activity program and more info, please contact

A Parental Consent form must be sent to the school upon receit of booking

For group program registration, available dates and/or quotes, please fill out the form below and forward it to

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General Rules



Swimming on the river in Sierra Nevada



Swimming on the river in Sierra Nevada


Swimming on the river in Sierra Nevada


Swimming on the river in Sierra Nevada


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