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106 - PROGRAM FOR FAMILIES (Parents and/or children)

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In recent years, the number of families who take one or more sabbatical years to learn Spanish and have an intercultural experience in Spain is increasing.. The Albaicin in Granada is a unique environment in which to live and learn Spanish and enhances the cultural experiences of each day.

To help you settle into your new home, Castila offers its expertise and knowledge of the environment. Several of the  teachers at Castila have children attending local schools and therefore understand the procedures, parents and staff. And above all, they know the parents’ needs in such circumstances.

"An experience for the whole family,        for life"


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Total immersion in Spanish:

classes, food, play, fun, dance, beach, sports, science, talking, dreaming...

in Spanish!discove a world in Spanish




Spanish programs and inmersion for families

We have developed a program that emphasizes the continued practice of Spanish through language immersion and cultural exchange, by integrating activities for both adults and children.

The program allows participants to move beyond “Breakthrough” and even "Waystage" as the foundation for a year in Granada: a rich experience that will not only facilitate the rest of the year but will increase the motivation, expectations and the desire to extend their stay.


For enrollments in primary education (Including Gomez Moreno school), secondary or other studies, please contact us.


For children:

Primary or Secondary school preparation program: 2, 4 or 6 weeks prior to commencing school.

Children have a class schedule also according to age.

Inmersion for parents: 2-52 weeks.

Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Spanish level is not required. Adult students are integrated into groups according to their level (Max. 6 per class).


The overall objectives are:

To prepare students for their stay in Spain and in Granada in particular, taking into account their specific requirements.

To improve the communication skills of students by combining class activities with extracurricular activities appropriate to their age, to the educational level of the participants and the environmental conditions.

To familiarize students with the essential elements of their life in Granada: environment, daily routines, culture and language.


Some familes, learning together, enjoying together

Learning is a game

Learning Spanish and more

Learning is a football game

Swimming on the river in Sierra Nevada


Swimming on the river in Sierra Nevada





Description of the program

A comprehensive program that includes classroom work, activities (and accommodation if requested). The families are part of an international group with other local Spanish families who will work as cicerones, "local ambassadors". The common language is Spanish, which is used in different situations:

  - In the classroom:  with experienced teachers and trainees in teaching children and developing appropriate material for their age and level.


- Outside of class: in carefully planned activities organized according to the students interests and their communication goals, previously supervised by their teachers and with their participation. For instance:


* Sports and other leisure activities.

* Highly recommended visits: The Alhambra Palace, The Royal Chapel, Monastery of la Cartuja and other cultural Sights.

* The varied cultural wealth of Andalusia: Cordoba, Seville, Baeza, Úbeda ...

* The varied natural wealth of Granada (hiking and trekking): natural parks, mountains, beach, countryside : Sierra Nevada, Sierra de Huétor, Tropical Coast, Guadix ...

* Creative workshops (pottery, cooking, painting and screen printing) with well known teachers from Granada;

Football games for boys, girls and teachers; Beach volleyball,

* Salsa lessons; Flamenco; zumba

* Flamenco Party or a paella in the school garden.


A thousand and one opportunities to meet people with similar goals and interests, for age or situation.


- Day to day in the neighborhood setting (Albaicín) and Granada with the Spanish “parents” and “siblings".

In these activities, both teachers from Castila and "local ambassadors" participate.

Swimming on the river in Sierra Nevada

Swimming on the river in Sierra Nevada

discover a world in Spanish

discover a world in Spanish

Learning Spanish and more

Learning about Grenadian Ceramic








Program Guarantees


• Adults and children will be integrated into different groups according to age and level.

 Practice and progress in communication skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading.

• Certificate of attendance, level and qualification (necessary for credit transfer)

• Teacher/Tutor available 24 hours a day.

•  Selection of host families matching with the student’s profile.

• Facilities appropriate to the students’ age.



discover a world in Spanish

Specific Conditions
 For registration, available dates or quotations for families (Ref. 106), please contact us at

General Conditions

More info

• For family enrollments, fill the enrollment form, select the course "106 Course for families" and write under "remarks" the name and date of birth of the adults and children participating in the course

• For unaccompanied children, parental consent is required. It must be sent to CastiLa, once the booking is confirmed.


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