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Extracurricular and social activities with teachers




54 Leisure, social and cultural activities in Granada

CastiLa's students and visitors are elegible to participate.

This is a fundamental part of Castila´s teaching method and student services. The program of activities is changed every 2 weeks. This provides opportunities for students to show, reinforce and enjoy what they have learned in the classroom.

To achieve cultural immersion in a foreign country, CastiLa considers that it is necessary to know the language (see courses), but there is much more. Castila has developed 54 different extracurricular activities that help students' integrate into the Spanish life style.

These activities are of very different types: thematic evenings, musical evenings, Spanish movies,trips, excursions, "tapas-tour", "paella in the garden", sports...

We travel and enjoy life, and for that we make no excuse. We work hard but we also play hard. Breakfasts at "San Nicolás", lunch at "Torcuato" or paella in the school garden. A party with friends at night (always speaking Spanish, of course).

In Winter perhaps a couple of days skiing in Sierra Nevada. In Spring, swimming, tennis or perhaps a trip to Cazorla or maybe to Morocco, looking out at the sea from the desert sands.

Bathing in the clear water of the nearby coast in the summer, taking a boat trip to hidden caves, supper on some idyllic terrace in a genuine and authenthic Spanish village.

Spontaneity and freedom of movement. ..." Tomorrow Morocco or maybe Portugal... a play in Madrid or a football match in Seville..."

Have a look at the  54 activities!

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