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How will I learn Spanish? How many students will there be in class? Will I study at the right level? Where will I live? What will I do after the lessons?

Learning a language is a very complex task and every detail is very important when you are in a different country.

Since 1988 the Castila staff have been researching and working carefully to make it easier, more productive and confortable: your arrival, your accommodation, the lessons, the school, the way of learning and the social activities...

Think about your needs before you make a decission; choose a town and assure yourself what the features of the different schools mean to you. Then it will be a truly enriching and memorable experience.


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Why Castila? Castila students of the past 27 years, highlight these 6 differences:

1. Maximum of 6 students per class

2. Located in a carmen in the Albaicín, with front view of the Alhambra, Generalife and Sierra Nevada1

3. 6 levels dividided in 36 weekly programs which guarantee a progressive learning

4. 54 social and cultural activities accompanied by teachers.

5. 98% of our students have passed the DELE exam.

6. Accommodation in the best conditions, max. 15 minutes away from the school, walking distance

N.B.1 World Heritage Site by UNESCO: Alhambra, Generalife y Albaicín de Granada: "...The residential district of the Albaicín is a rich repository of Moorish vernacular architecture, into which the traditional Andalusian architecture blends harmoniously."


And we are proud of our students:

"Castila, an intensive learning experience in and out of the   classroom" Ally Ladha, Princeton University, United States

“Castila is not just a Spanish school, Castila is a way of living”. Ally Ladha, again 

“The teachers are of the highest quality and full of passion for their language. Everyone - students as well as staff - become friends. No matter what your level, you will speak, eat, live and dream Spanish. Katherine Burns (United Kingdom)

“There is so much to say about Castila, not just about its numerous activities, but also about those little things that make up its soul: the in-jokes, breakfast at the Mirador de San Nicolas, the friendship between teachers and students... How can I mention just one of all these things? Castila is a world of its own”. Agnès Christeler (Switzerland)

Recognition and Certificates

INSTITUTO CERVANTES: Castila, as a FEDELE member and an Acredited Centre by Instituto Cervantes, is a registration centre for DELE exams in Granada.

CEELE: Certificate of Quality in the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language, issued by the University of Alcal de Henares (Madrid), which certifies the quality of Spanish teaching at our school.

AEEA: Castila is a founder member of AEEA, the Andalusian Association of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language. AEEA is a semi-private organisation which oversees the quality of teaching of its members.

BILDUNGSURLAUB: Castila's programmes are recognised by several of the Federal States of Germany, such as Bildungsurlaub

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