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There's always a reason to recommend something that surprises us or that we enjoy, a video on the web that explains a part of our culture or language that we want to share with you:



November 2014

Good New CastiLa video, showing hiking and learning Spanish in collaboration with Sierra y Sol
From May 27th 2013 - Week 22

Good video: Granada, 24/7, the four season, a place for learning Spanish language and enjoy its culture.

From May 13th 2013 (Week 20/21)

Good radio program: the Books and Music of famouse people.

From week 15 (April 11th - May 12, 2013)

Some say that Spaniards are lazy, selfish, we spend more than we have... Do you agree? What do you reckon? Please share your comments about this MARCA spot "El Deporte es Así" with CastiLa, via email or Facebook


From February 5th 2013 - Week 6 

Different accents. This is an useful tool to practice Spanish and become familiar with different accents of a language spoken by 420 millions native speakers in the world. According to her accent, where do you think she is from? Please, tell us your guess. Email
Earlier videos 2012

Castila Christmas Dinner: Happy 2013 for everyone.

From week 51 (2012) and weeks 4 and 5 in 2013

A different view on the Spanish crisis. Two optimistic points of view, I reckon. What do you think about them? And... just one question: will there be green sprouts in 2013?

P.S.: The first video is an English version with Spanish subtitles, a professional view.  The second one  is in Spanish; a humoristic spot for the Company "Campofrío", do you get it? To understand it, I recommend to watch  the first one before. If you have any questions or comments, please contact Castila Teachers.

Weeks 34 - 40 (September 2012)

5 reasons: According this video, 5 reason for what? Are you ok? Which Spanish accent use Simpsons characters in this video?


Weeks 34 - 40 (September 2012)

Andalusia: A homespun rap song about the classic beauty of Andalusia. In this video you'll see many corners of the province you may have yet to visit, and it is a great way to get an idea of all Andalusia has to offer. Notice how the singer uses Spanish diminuitives to show his deep affection for his homeland: unas gambitas, el solecito, el airecito, cansaita

Weeks 29 - 33 (July, August 2012)

La Ruta Natural: Is life as we know it, starting at birth and ending in death, the best way to live? Or would life be better where we die first, and return to the womb at the end of our lives? An interesting look at life, in reverse.


Weeks 27 & 28 (July 2012)

Two weeks in August:A boy's sharp criticism of adults and their lifestyle. Work all year for just two weeks of vacation? This boy doesn't want to grow up. "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life," Confuscious would say. What do you think?


Weeks 25 & 26 (June 2012)

Ana y Manuel

Ana and Manuel have broken up. Ana decides to buy a dog who she calls "Man", which is short for "Manuel". At the beginning, everything is fine; but later, she becomes tired of having a pet. When Ana becomes fed up of Man, what will she try to do with the dog?


Week 24

I love this story, La Leyenda del Espantapájaros (The Legend of the Scarecrow), complete with subtitles. If you have any questions, ask me. Enjoy! Rafa



Weeks 1 - 22

Andalusia, made of olive oil, sun, tanned people...and what else? Watch this video to see.



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