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Teléfono: +34 958 20 58 63 / Fax: +34 958 27 72 40

Whatsapp CastiLa : +34 626 90 51 58


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Payments to Sociedad Andaluza de Estudios Hispánicos SL, Organizer Entity of the CastiLa-Granada courses

Please read the General Conditions for registration courses at CastiLa and select your preferable way for payments. 



Partial or total payments to CastiLa are available via Paypal.


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To maintain the booking you need to send a minimum deposit of € 120. This deposit is not an additional cost. 

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If you have the invoice you can do aswell other total or partial payments.  Por favor incluya el nº de Matrícula tal y/o su nombre como aparece en la confirmación recibida.

*All transfer charges are at the expense of the applicant. Paypal costs for deposit are estimated. For more details see 'Payments' in General Conditions.

For any question / enquiry, please contact us by telephone (+34 958 20 58 63), or email (




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